• Boat is waiting a migrating books.

    Boat will waiting you at Capplens Forslag, 22-29,August,2015.

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    Someone write fragment of their history into a migrating books.
    Then,the migrating books go on a Boat Shaped Bookshelf for selling journey to next city.
    Someday, someone will buy the migrating books at somewhere, then,will write about their belonging history into the same migrating books.
    The migrating books is migrating from book shelf to book shelf, from country to country, from someone to someone.
    やがて船の本棚 に乗って個人のアイデンティティや国の境界を超える。
  • Boat is here


  • How it works

    We takes 4steps.

    Step1:  The Port , 港  → Boat is here

    The Boat Shaped Bookshelf will moor at the bookstore in town for several weeks and wait for migrants / books.

    Step2:   The Distribution , 配布 → For the first writer

    Written in the "migrating books" are two questions about position and belonging, and there are blank pages in which to write an answer.  The “migrating books" are left around the town and distributed to migrants and returnees to the project city. People who come across the books are invited to add their own answers to the two questions.



    Step3:  Sale and the Embarkation , 販売と乗船

    Once someone has written his/ her answers in the book, they can bring it to the Boat Shaped Bookshelf which is moored at the bookshop. Once placed on the boat, it may be sold and participate in the city's economic activity.

    Step4: The purchase and Belonging , 購入と所属 

    Any person who buys a migrating book can add their own answers in the remaining blank pages. If that person decides to then sell the book, it can be placed back on the Boat Shaped Bookshelf and sold on to a new owner.
  • For the first writer

    To the people who come across the "migrating books" by chance or from being introduced by someone.

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    If you get a new "migrating book" you become the first writer. Please join this project.
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    P1~P5 : Please you fill in.
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    Please choose two photographs from you have.

    * You can choose various photographs - people, scenery, things, anything -  however, please do not choose someone else's image or a photograph that you don't have permission to use.
    * 写真はあなた自身の写真でもいいですし、風景や物の写真でも構いません。しかし、肖像権の許可を取れない他者が写りこんでいるものやポルノ画像は選ばないでください。
    * I can consult with you via email about the best way to print out the photograph.

     * 写真データのプリントアウト方法については、メールでご相談ください。

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    Please prepare answers to two questions about each photograph.
    - Q1
    When you think about "around the time" this picture was taken, what do you mean by that? Please think about if it was 3 hours or 3 years?
    3時間のことな  のか、3年間のことなのか考えてください。
    - Q2

    "Around the time" this picture was taken, where / who / what were you belonged to? and whatwas your focus? and what senses you were most associated with?

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    Please place your photos in the empty pages of the "migrating book" and write your answers in by hand or paste in a printed out sheet.
    * You can use any language for your answer.
    * 回答に記載する言語は世界中のどの言語でも構いません。
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    Please bring your "migrating book" to the Boat Shaped Bookshelf which is moored at the bookshop. 
  • For the new buyer

    To the people who buy the "migrating books" with some answers already written in before you.

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    P7~P9 : Please you fill in.
    あなたが記入するのは、 P7-P9です。


    * Sometimes, we have different design books for each city.

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    Any person who buys a "migrating book" can add their own answers in the remaining blank pages.Please check →For the first writer 


    書き方は、For the first writer を参照してください。


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    Please contact me when you hope to sell your "migrating book". You are able to sell it on this project web-site.

    I will add new blank pages to your "migrating book" before putting it up for sale and we will wait for a new buyer for the book.



  • How to Buy

    Some content of this page is under discussion.

    Pricing  | 基準値段

    Each book has already been priced by the shop manager and has its own price individually.


    How to pay |  支払い方法

    The buyer pay directly to an organization of assisted refugees. Please choose one organization by yourself.
    Migrating Books Project don't need any evidence about your donation.
  • Book for  sale

    You can check arrival migrating books at below links.
    These migrating books have a particular price for each city,because the book store owner decide it.
    #1 TOKYO : 2000 YEN
    #2 OSLO : 100 NOK

    September 19, 2015
    Book Store Cappelens Forslag 11 books arrival till September 2015. No.17/50  乗船日:2015年8月24日 The date of Embarkation : 24 August, 2015 言語:英語  Language : English Price:100 NOK No.7/50  乗船日:2015年8月28日 The date of Embarkation : 28 August, 2015 言語:アイスランド語 Language : Icelandic Price:100 NOK      ...
    August 29, 2014
    Please go to this Link. Contents of Tokyo version are going to move here,soon.
  • Process

    You can check project process on SNS.

  • Migrating Books

    Migrating Books series is making specific product things with migrants, it involving not only real migrants but also people who feel that they are migrants in their daily lives. 
    Direction : M.K.Snow.
    Tokyo version Book Design : Chikako OGUMA
    Oslo version Book Design : Miyuki KAWAMURA

    Series1 : Tokyo 
    Series2 : Oslo
    Series3 : Nagoya